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5 reasons why you should attend a pop-up

Only the fifth one is from our perspective, i.e. why we love putting them on; the other four are guest-oriented and gleaned during my ten years in the restaurant business.

5. Creative expression

We keep things fresh by choosing a different theme each month. As well as allowing us to showcase both emerging and established talent in Boulder County… (read more)

Martha Menk-Odencrantz, Boulder

The ambiance of the event was beautiful and inviting, lending well to connecting with family over a fantastic meal. Six months later, our family members still mention what a wonderful evening this was…When I feel inclined to treat myself to a special event, Blank Plate’s pop-up cafés are the first things that come to mind. This is absolutely worth trying for anyone who enjoys a unique dining experience with an emphasis on excellent food, community, and authentic connection over a shared meal.

Martha Menk-Odencrantz, Boulder(attended Danbro, Purple Flowers)
Stewart Ward, Boulder

A Blank Plate Boulder event is always a special occasion. The settings are stunning, and L.R. and his team craft multicourse culinary experiences that leave me with a full belly, a full heart, and always better educated about food and libation. Case in point- the fermented dinner. I imagined pickles, kimchee and possibly miso this or that, but what happened was at least 5 courses of unbridled creativity that I will not soon forget. Every course had a pairing and there was only one pickle the entire evening as a bite before being seated. It was a memorable night with great people, I can’t wait for the next one.

Stewart Ward, Boulder(attended Mushroom Kingdom, Ozuké)

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