The ability to cook gives me more joy than anything else in my life, by far.

Learning to cook these five dishes twenty years ago gave me a solid foundation that I’ve built on ever since. I know if you learn these five things…(read more)


We’ve quietly been creating private dining events upon request and now we’re offering this service publicly.

We’d love to come to your home and co-create a meal with you for you and your guests. If you’ve been to a pop-up you’re familiar with the classic-for-a-reason food-with-beverage-pairings format; we’ve also facilitated an authentic relating dinner (yay Boulder!) and in addition to a few holiday dinners, we’ll be leading interactive food skills-building at a local company’s holiday party in three weeks. Click through to read more, or…

Martha Menk-Odencrantz, Boulder

The ambiance of the event was beautiful and inviting, lending well to connecting with family over a fantastic meal. Six months later, our family members still mention what a wonderful evening this was…When I feel inclined to treat myself to a special event, Blank Plate’s pop-up cafés are the first things that come to mind. This is absolutely worth trying for anyone who enjoys a unique dining experience with an emphasis on excellent food, community, and authentic connection over a shared meal.

Martha Menk-Odencrantz, Boulder(attended Danbro, Warm Summer Night)
Stewart Ward, Boulder

A Blank Plate Boulder event is always a special occasion. The settings are stunning, and L.R. and his team craft multicourse culinary experiences that leave me with a full belly, a full heart, and always better educated about food and libation. Case in point- the fermented dinner. I imagined pickles, kimchee and possibly miso this or that, but what happened was at least 5 courses of unbridled creativity that I will not soon forget. Every course had a pairing and there was only one pickle the entire evening as a bite before being seated. It was a memorable night with great people, I can’t wait for the next one.

Stewart Ward, Boulder(attended Mushroom Kingdom, Ozuké)

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