We’ve quietly been creating private dining events upon request and now we’re offering this service publicly.


If you’ve been to our pop-up cafés you know what they can look like: at their most elemental these events are dinners with carefully selected beverage pairings. This is a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between food and drink, and how the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.
1 + 1 = 3.


We also co-created a meal that included authentic relating exercises. The food wasn’t a part of the exercises but rather a way to continue conversations afterwards. To me one of the most poignant aspects of breaking bread is that it’s a reason to get to know other people better. This format creates a space for people to go deep, fast. That aura continues into the less-structured still-safe place around the table. If you want to get to know yourself and others in your life better – or if you want to host one of these and participate, and we’ll find like-minded participants – let’s talk about how we can do that.


We haven’t done this one yet but we’re excited about it: we’re facilitating a pot-luck holiday party for a local 40-person company. This is a way to get people talking about the party beforehand and will create a buzz and things to talk about while there. This particular event isn’t specifically team-building (though the overall result should be just that) but we definitely have ideas involving competitive fun around food and cooking. I mean, we watch the Food Network too.


We have too many other ideas to list them all here, and the best ones come out of collaborative conversations. Drop us a line and let’s get the conversation started.